S JF • Commissioned
S T U D I O   J O N A S   F E C H N E R

Agentic Media – Formations of Semi-Autonomy

visual identity for University of Siegen

Daniel Roth: Stac Lee

publication for Daniel Roth

Tschau Agip

publication for Florian Köhler

Werkgespräche 2020

Flyer and Digital Ads for BBK Mannheim

Der Sturm

xerox poster for Lit1

Mit anderen Städten Mit anderen Flüssen

artist's book for Johanna Broziat

Wald 4.0

mobile app UX/UI design, poster, flyer, website and signage for AG Wald Baden-Württemberg

Las Coloradas

catalog for Alfred Müller


campaign, poster, booklet, invitation, (…) and exhibition graphics for Jewish Museum Frankfurt


logo for Karlsruhe University of Applied Sciences

Victor Vasarely. In the Labyrinth of Modernism

booklet for Städel Museum Frankfurt


xerox poster series for Lit1


art direction for reinheft

New Prototypes (SaloneSatellite 2018)

flyer for Laura Jungmann and Martha Schwindling

Fiber Mates

flyer for Laura Jungmann, Jonathan Radetz, Martha Schwindling and Elena Tezak


poster for Theater Rampe Stuttgart / Maria Ebbinghaus

website UX/UI design for Florian Köhler

Believe Tank

publication for Landestheater Tübingen

website UX/UI design for AKA:NYX


flyer for BBK Mannheim

website UX/UI design, corporate design for Studio Martha Schwindling

Pop Up Monument

campaign for Jüdisches Museum Frankfurt

State of Diebenga

poster and flyer for Landestheater Tübingen

website UX/UI design for Studio Thomas Rustemeyer

Pop Up Boat

campaign for Jüdisches Museum Frankfurt


poster and flyer for Landestheater Tübingen

The Archive as a Productive Space of Conflict

book for Sternberg Press

Museum Judengasse

campaign for Jüdisches Museum Frankfurt

Was glauben Sie eigentlich?

publication for Landestheater Tübingen


publication for Klahr/Mütsch/Reichwein/Rustemeyer

31,2 laufende Meter

poster, flyer, invitation for Badischer Kunstverein Karlsruhe

WILD SITES in Rotterdam

book for AIR Rotterdam Center for Architecture and Goethe Institute

Scenery Set

folder for FLAT

Celestial Homesick Blues

flyer for Martin Lorenz

Nervöses Wasser

book for Marta Kolendo


poster for Nicolas Rauch